Sweeten Your Brand's Online Presence with Decadent Copywriting.

Promoting yourself is hard. Let me make it easy.


Tired of boring copy? Me too!

Ready to make your brand's words do more than just sit pretty on a page? You're in the right place! Think of me as your behind-the-scenes crew, armed with creativity, strategy, and a little bit of internet magic, all geared toward putting your brand in the spotlight.

Whether you're aiming to jazz up your online presence, get those email open rates sky-high, or make your blog the next big thing in Google's eyes, I'm here to make it happen.

Meet Ebbi.

I'm a seasoned copywriter and marketing strategist with a knack for turning words into action. From congressional campaigns to university website revamps, my decade of experience has been all about crafting compelling messages that drive real results.

At heart, I'm a storyteller and strategic partner, dedicated to finding the perfect narrative for every client. Off the clock, I'm a UVA alum, proud mom, and real-life superhero in high heels, who calls Raleigh home.

Virtual Coffee, Anyone?

Need words that pop on your website, emails your customers can't wait to open, or blog posts that speak Google's love language?

Let's infuse your message with the kind of confidence that turns heads and opens wallets.

Let's craft a sizzling marketing ecosystem:

Website Copy

Your webpage is your brand storefront. I craft copy for your digital persona that isn't just memorable – it's downright magnetic.

Email Newsletters

Transform your newsletters from inbox intruders to VIP guests. Our emails aren't just opened; they're anticipated, adored, and acted upon.

Landing + Sales Pages

Want to turn your opt-in and sales pages into the hottest new page-turner? Let me help you design pages that draw your ideal clients in like a modern siren song.

Marketing Strategy

Get actionable marketing strategies, fast. Our no-nonsense consultation saves you time and money, delivering tactics that work for your audience and goals. We deliver custom, effective tactics that connect with your audience instantly. Born from real client feedback, our service equips you with the insight and tools to achieve your ambitions, with no fluff attached.

Content Marketing

Feeling social media sour? How about social media content with a twist of lemon and a shot of strategy? ✨

Get a personalized content calendar tailored just for you, packed with 30 days of engaging posts that will make your brand sparkle without you having to lift a finger. Ready to ditch the generic and wow your audience? Choose this "white glove" service.

Your brand vision is in expert hands.

Remove the guesswork

Say goodbye to marketing guesswork. No more chasing fleeting trends or doubting your strategy. We're passionate about marketing and committed to employing only the most effective, cutting-edge tactics that deliver results!

Marketing experts you can trust.

Our success is deeply rooted in yours. Redefining marketing with trust, not just talk, our aim is to have customers flocking to our clients, transforming every brand we touch into a magnet for engagement and loyalty.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill copy.

It's a red-carpet affair for your brand.

Are you in?